Battery cover for the Chinon Bellami

The Chinon Bellami.

Recently I found a Chinon Bellami in a local camera shop and I was immediately fascinated by its barn door for covering the lens. It was missing the battery cover which meant I was able to get it for cheap. Once I had I a little spare time I started designing a new battery cover in order to 3d print me one.

3d Model of the battery cover for the Chinon Bellami.

You can download the FreeCAD file by clicking here and the STL file here.

I printed the battery cover using my 3d printer with PLA and a layer height of 0.1mm. I also tried printing the battery cover with a layer height of 0.05mm but this wasn't much better then the 0.1mm print.

The printed battery cover.

In order to connect the two batteries I cut a small piece of metal and inserted it into the battery cover.

The printed battery cover.

After cutting and filing some rough edges the cover fits onto the camera. There are still some details that could be optimized but in general the fit is tight enough and the camera works fine with the new battery cover.

3d printed battery cover on the camera.