Master's thesis

In 2019 I wrote my master's thesis about reduced basis methods. Reduced basis methods are a form of model order reduction techniques for the finite element methods. The thesis was supervised by Univ.-Prof. Ilaria Perugia, PhD and Dr. Lorenzo Mascotto from the University of Vienna.

The full title of the thesis was “The reduced basis method for the Helmholtz problem” . In thesis I tested the RBM on the Helmholtz problem. For the thesis I developed an implementation of the RBM using the FE software NgSolve. I also devised several numerical experiments and used my implementation of the RBM to perform the experiments.

The aim of the experiments was find out whether the RBM can be applied to the Helmholtz problem. Moreover we wanted to find indications how the characteristics of the RBM change compared to coercive problems i.e. the Poisson problem.

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